Guest speaker at the 2015 Large Dairy Herd Symposium

Stéphane Saillé was one of the guest speakers of the 2015 Large Dairy Herd Symposium in Saint-Malo, France. In this presentation, he explains his vision of feeding management in a large dairy herd, focusing on two situations in the field.

About Stéphane Saillé

An engineer graduated from ISAB (Institute for agricultural studies in Beauvais), he holds a specialization degree in animal nutrition from the university of Leuven (Belgium).

He is a specialist for nutrition of ruminants, and in particular of dairy cows. After an experience in the field selling feed and minerals to dairy farmers, he chose to become a consultant. He thus joined the service company* as a technical manager ruminants.

During 10 years, he offered his services as an expert to French and foreign customers of feed manufacturers. This experience allowed him to apprehend many feeding and cultivation systems (mountains, plains, grassland systems,…).

Proper feeding management in a dairy cattle herd that doubles or will double in size