Tips and tricks for achieving excellence in dairy farming.

In 2014 Dr. Jones was our guest speaker at the Large Herd Event in Nantes, France. He shared his love for the cow (the cradle of humanity, in his own words) through a presentation full of tips and tricks for achieving excellence in dairy farming.

About Dr. Gordie Jones

Dairy farm manager, consultant, veterinarian; Gordie Jones travels the world to share his passion for breeding and dairy cows. This world-renowned expert, who is a graduate of the University of Michigan, has a solid experience in the field and a real dairy management know-how and expertise. He began his career in dairy production and next in nutrition and well-being advice in US dairy farms. After working at Monsanto, he brings his experience to design and manage the Fair Oaks Dairy dairy operation, home to 20,000 cows in Indiana! After this successful experience, he decided to set up his own dairy farm and starts up a complete new operation, the 'Central Sands Dairy' in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. Today this farm is a reference in dairy farming in the USA. With his associates and employees, he raises 3,500 Jersey cows producing an average of 29 to 34 liters of milk per cow per day (equivalent to 45 liters in standard milk). For Gordie Jones, "the animal comfort always comes first".

The animal comfort always comes first!

Dr. Gordie Jones

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