On April 11, 2019 we had the pleasure of welcoming the following guest speakers:

Dr. Jack BRITT

Evolution of the dairy sector – A retrospective view on progress made in recent decades - Future expectations in terms of herd management and health

Dr.Jack Britt is a teacher, scientist, executive and entrepreneur. As a young man, he was part of a family dairy farm. He earned a B.S. in agriculture and biology at Western Kentucky University and a Ph.D. in physiology and biochemistry at North Carolina State University. Britt served as a faculty member and leader at Michigan State University, North Carolina State University and The University of Tennessee System. He has authored 620 scientific and technical publications and has made invited presentations at 97 international conferences in 22 countries. Britt is a founder, co-founder or early partner in five companies and has served on boards of directors of several multi-national companies as well as many non-profit organizations.

Prof. Dr. Rupert BRUCKMAIER

How to manage and optimize lactation today and tomorrow from a large herd perspective?

Dr. Bruckmaier has been working on the physiology and endocrinology of lactating ruminants. His work contributed significantly to the knowledge in the field of milking physiology and the importance of oxytocin and other hormones in the regulation of milk ejection. The work of his group contributed also significantly to the understanding of the mammary immune response including pathogen-specific differences of activation of different components of the immune system, also explaining differences in the course of mastitis after infection with different pathogens. His studies on the metabolism of high yielding dairy cows have shown an individually different adaptive capacity to metabolic load as a potential basis for animal breeding, but also a different endocrine adaptation to nutrient deficiency at different stages of lactation. During all research activities he has tried to support young scientists for their future career.

Emmanuel LEPAGE

Nutritional strategies to optimize animal health and profitability in large dairy operations

An agricultural engineer, Emmanuel LEPAGE earned his degree at ISAB (Higher Institute of Agriculture Beauvais-LASALLE, France) and is specialized in ruminant nutrition. His professional experience at Valorex (animal nutrition) and CCPA (nutrition consulting firm) led him to perfect his knowledge in the specific fields of mineral, vitamin-rich and fat-enriched feeds (omega 3). In 2010, he joined SEENOVIA - Groupe SEENERGI as a Nutrition Manager. His interest in the management of large herds led him to travel to Spain and Italy to deepen his knowledge and explore the diversity of management practices. In France, he provides technical coaching for ten large herds (with 200 to 450 dairy cows). In parallel to this field activity, Emmanuel Lepage is in charge of the development of the business model of Seenovia’s “animal” pole. Principal activities are Nutrition Robot consulting, heifer breeding, pedicure follow-up, good management of milking equipment or mastery of geobiology…

The richness of his missions and experience allows him to regularly hold training sessions for a public of advisers and dairy farmers throughout France.

Kim Sass-Hauschildt - Manager of Westerkamp Holsteins

Westerkamp, 25485 Shirtingen (30 km from North of Hamburg - Germany)

620 cow : Ø 37 kg milk
3 milkings per day

Harvest : 7,3 millions kg

ExpressWay BouMatic 2x16

Philippe Limaux - GAEC de la Mocotère

Aureil-Maison 88320 Lamarche (Vosges - France)

110 cows (Montbéliardes)
Harvest 800 000 litters

BouMatic Robot double box (MRD1 with double fit)