11 apr. 2019


Already more than 1700 dairy farmers, technicians, engineers and industry players attended the event!


    L'édition 2019 s'est tenue le 11 avril à Libramont autour de la question centrale: Comment améliorer l'efficacité de votre ration et la santé de votre troupeau? Plus de 150 participants nous ont rejoints pour cette première édition en Belgique.

  • 2014: Future of our dairy farms

    The first Large Dairy Herd Symposium took place in Nantes on June 12, 2014.

    A BouMatic initiative, this event was intended for current or future operators of large dairy herds as well as opinion leaders in the agricultural sector. This technical conference, resolutely focused on the future of our dairy farms, aimed to provide technical, economic and managerial information to the industry’s decision-makers.

    Our ambition was to present concrete solutions and ideas for reflection on this notion of ‘Large Herds’, sometimes remaining a little vague.

  • 2015: day-to-day management of our dairy farms

    Organized in Saint-Malo, the second edition of the Large Dairy Herd Symposium brought together 400 dairy farmers, technicians, engineers to listen to experts and dairy farmers from France, Germany and the United States on the management of large dairy herds.

    Advice, testimonials and statistical studies allowed the participants to demystify the day-to-day management of large farms.

    More than the technique, people management is the main difficulty.

  • 2016: Place of humans in dairy farms

    250 dairy farmers and professionals travelled to Amiens (Somme) to attend the third edition of the Large Dairy Herd Symposium.

    This edition offered the opportunity to discuss the place of humans in large farms where people management is the key to success.

  • 2017: Animal welfare and valorisation opportunities for the sector

    In 2017, the event’s central theme was animal welfare and valorisation opportunities for the sector.

    A new success for this "cuvée" 2017 since 300 people attended, half of them dairy farmers.

  • 2018: Health, feeding and performance in managing large dairy herd

    Our theme: "Health, feeding and performance in managing a large dairy herd".

    Another successful event!

    In terms of participation alone, with 340 people gracing us with their presence.