StepRight Rubber Flooring : Leading the way to ultimate cow comfort and productivity

As they take pressure off hooves and legs, StepRight Rubber Flooring is particularly advantageous in areas where cows spend a lot of time. For example, our mats are ideal for holding areas, milking parlours, alleys and scraper lanes where they help increase cow comfort.

StepRight rubber mats have a rough, slip-resistant surface providing sufficient friction for safe movement as well as maximum traction for greatly improved cow traffic in the barn. In fact, studies and tests have proved that cows walk faster and slip much less on rubber floors. Hoof health is globally enhanced when placing rubber mats in appropriate areas.

StepRight is available in 2 models: StepRight CX and StepRight CX Diamond for a better anti-slip surface thanks to its specific design. StepRight mats are composed of (unpressed) vulcanized rubber which gives them thermal expansion capability. (This expansion prevents the mats from warping over time. To make thermal expansion possible, the mats should be installed leaving a space of 3 cm from the walls.)

Interlocking mats (puzzle system). Dimensions: 113 x 177 cm, with a thickness of 19 mm (23 mm in total, considering the "studs" which raise the floor mats slightly for better evacuation of liquids).


  • Usable in multiple areas

    Holding area

    o Reduced stress while cows stand for long periods

    o Faster parlour fill-rates


    o Minimized hoof stress from pivoting

    o Faster fill and exit rates

    o An alternative to concrete resurfacing

    Exit lanes

    o Reduced heel wear on declining slopes

    o Faster exiting

    Walking lanes

    o Reduced wear from walking longer distances on concrete

    o Cow traffic is faster

    Feed alleys

    o Increased dry-matter intake

    o Reduced stress while standing

    Freestall lanes and pens

    o Reduced hoof wear

    o Improved traction

    o Better heat detection

  • Reliable and quality mats

    StepRight mats are non-absorbent, resilient, skid resistant, static free and electrically resistant. These characteristics are ideal for cow welfare.

  • Healthier and safer environment

    StepRight Rubber Flooring ensures an optimum hygiene, a drier and cleaner environment. The mats have a rough, slip-resistant surface providing sufficient friction for safe movement as well as maximum traction for greatly improved cow traffic in the barn.

  • Better hoof health

    StepRight Rubber Flooring improves hoof health. There are fewer sole erosions, the floor is drier and the mats improve traction.

  • 2 models available

    Two revolutionary models for cow comfort are available :

    o “StepRight CX” controlled expansion

    o “StepRight CX Diamond Tread” controlled expansion and extra traction


    Both models are available with interlocking edges. Sizes are 1.13 X 1.77m with a thickness of 19mm.

  • Easy to install

    The interlocked mats are easy to install. For a perfect fastening, nails can be placed at the ends of the mats.

  • Better livestock management

    With StepRight mats, there is a significant reduction of accidents and mechanical injuries. And in this environment, it is easier to detect heats. Herd management and, in particular, the turnover of cows in production is better.

  • Improved milk production

    By increasing cow comfort and ensuring a cleaner environment, StepRight Rubber Flooring improves milk production.

  • A profitable investment

    StepRight Rubber Flooring is a profitable investment for your dairy farm. On the one hand, testimonials from satisfied dairy farmers show a significant reduction of accidents and veterinary costs. On the other hand, milk production is improved.