Power of 2.2 - 11kW

Scope of application:

Stirring of the slurry under a slatted floor. The efficient mixing of floating sludge and sediment with the liquid phase gives the slurry an easily pumpable consistency. Roll rather than stir the mixer. Then lift part of the slatted floor and plunge the agitator into the slurry using the winch. The agitator can be raised and lowered and swivelled. This will ensure that the slurry is easily and efciently homogenised in the various parts of the channel.

Specifcations and performance:

Motor, 3x400 V:2,2 kW5,5 kW7,5 kW11,0 kW
Current:5.2 amp.10.5 amp.15 amp.21 amp.
Propeller revolutions:1500 rpm1500 rpm1500 rpm1500 rpm
Yield:360 m³/h920 m³/h1450 m³/h2000 m³/h