The ultimate milking cluster for sheep

The OviMAX milking cluster is the ultimate milking solution for progressive dairy sheep farmers.
Numerous innovations ensure best results in terms of milking speed and quality, ruggedness and comfort.

Your milking operation will achieve new levels of efficiency and profitability.

Advantage at a glance

  • Unrivalled milking speed

    The alternative air inlet valve system offers perfect stability of the teat end vacuum and ensures an unrivalled milking quality notably by eliminating the phenomenon of back-spray. Combined with the absence of restriction in the cluster, the system allows the OviMAX cluster to achieve excellent milking speed and unmatched milk flow.

  • Attach quickly and efficiently

    Two perfectly integrated, independent automatic valves make it possible to milk each teat independently while maintaining an excellent milk flow.

  • Simple and robust design

    The claw and teat cups are made of polysulfone resin, which makes the OviMAX light yet extremely robust.
    The maintenance is simplified owing to the reduced number of parts.

  • Ergonomy and comfort

    The compact, simple and robust design secures ergonomic comfort for both the milker and the animal. Designed for easy handling. The optimized teat cup size makes the OviMAX suitable for any sheep.

  • Efficient cleaning

    No manual cleaning of air inlets anymore!
    The valve is washed automatically after each milking with the CapriClean jetters, allowing perfect operation of the clusters with minimal maintenance.

  • Versatility

    The OviMAX cluster is perfectly suited for all milking parlour types and offers the same milking performance regardless of milking parlour configuration.
    An anti-leakage system at the end of milking ensures the cleanliness of the installation in high line milking systems, making this cluster a real breakthrough in the face of the constraints related to this type of installation.

“ OviMAX - The ultimate milking cluster for sheep ”