Agitating large, above ground slurry storage tanks

This machine has been designed to solve the problem that many farmers have with agitating large, above ground slurry storage tanks. The MTH-T uses its bottom jetter nozzle to agitate any sediment in the bottom of the tank, whilst the top jetter nozzle can be rotated to break up large crusts which form at the top of the tank.

Technical Details

  • 55mm drive shaft
  • Minimum 150hp required
  • 540rpm
  • 8,000m3 mixing capacity from one point*
  • 4,000 gallons (18,154L) output per minute mixing capacity
  • 3 greasable bearing assemblies which can be greased from the outside of the tank

Available models

  • 3m Vertical Column with 3m Interior Pump
  • 3.3 m Vertical Column with 3.7m Interior Pump
  • 5m Vertical Column with 5m Interior Pump
  • 6.1m Vertical Column with 6.1m Interior Pump

Models are also available with the Interior Pump longer to suit tanks that have base levels below the outside ground level. 3-Point Linkage models are available to allow movement around the tank.