An intensive propeller mixing action

BouMatic Contractor Mixer is the ultimate propeller mixer designed to provide intensive propeller mixing action for the contractor or larger farm. The depth control of this machine is by a double set of hydraulic rams, allowing mixing at different depths of the lagoon giving a better slurry consistency. Fully galvanised heavy duty box section chassis gives this machine unrivalled strength and life expectancy.

Technical Details

  • 120hp required
  • 600 x 600mm standard propeller
  • 4000m3 mixing capacity from one mixing point
  • 55mm drive shaft
  • Double hydraulic rams for depth control
  • 5 bearing assemblies
  • 540rpm
  • Shear bolt protection on PTO shaft supplied

Available models

  • 7.0m length - Mixing depth of 4.3 m
  • 8.0m length - Mixing depth of 5 m
  • 9.5m length - Mixing depth of 6 m
  • 12.0m length - Mixing depth of 8.5 m


  • 600 x 300mm propeller requires 100cv
  • 700 x 700mm propeller requires 150cv

“ BouMatic Contractor mixer LM-4000 ”