Robuste et puissant, le Xcalibur 360EX est le meilleur de sa catégorie. Il traira votre grand troupeau et sera prêt pour plus.

“ Xcalibur 360 EX - External Rotary Parlour ”

BouMatic’s Xcalibur™ 360EX - The Ultimate External Rotary

Designed for continuous, around-the-clock milking, the Xcalibur 360EX is rugged and precision engineered to deliver unrivaled throughput and maximum efficiency for your dairy operation.

Designed for improved cow comfort.

Smooth operation, clean contemporary lines and easy cow loading and unloading.

Improved operator efficiencies.

After milking, units detach the milking unit, hose and pulsation tubes descend to rest below the platform – out of the way of exiting cows.

Steel I-beam roller platform.

Massive, circular rail system and nylon rollers support the platform. Rollers require no lubrication.

Superior Drive System

Xcalibur's hydraulic drive system is unparalleled to any other. The ability to safely stop the rotary quickly when needed is of upmost importance.

Below Deck

Below-deck pipelines for milk, cleaning, vacuum and filtered pulsation air lines. The SmartMeter ICAR-approved meter is also safely under the deck.

Integrated system console

Each stall has an integrated system console to house automation components and pulsators and provides access to CIP jetter cups.

Hose Support

BouMatic's hose support is key to maintaining an even and quick milkout. It also increases the comfortability on the cow's teat ends.

Large scale operations.

Available in all galvanized, galvanized stalls with stainless steel consoles, or in all stainless steel models. Basement version from 40 to 110 stalls, non basement version from 32 to 44 stalls.

Return on investment.

Through increased cow comfort, operator efficiencies, improved equipment performance and long lasting construction, the Xcalibur 360EX provides dairy operators with unrivaled results and return on investment.


  • Tout repose sur les vaches

    Les cabinets à profil bas, les ponts en béton, et une entrée/sortie bien conçus rendent chaque vache confortable

  • Faster, More Efficient Installation

    Concrete work is made easier with no exposed system supports. This provides a significant reduction in time needed for installation.

  • Oubliez les « temps d’arrêt »

    Les composants électriques robustes de l’Xcalibur permettront à la plateforme de toujours tourner de manière fiable, traite après traite

  • Clean and comfortable for the operator

    A massive double I-beam, circular rail system and nylon rollers support the Xcalibur 360EX platform. Extremely durable nylon rollers require no lubrication.

  • Designed for operator safety

    Each stall has an integrated system console to house automation components and pulsators and provides easy access to CIP jetter cups.

  • Smart Speed control

    Built for ultimate strength and durability, the Xcalibur 360EX platform positions cows safely on the platform. Super strong radial arms link the platform to the center pivot and the system’s smooth operation will be safe and easy on your cows. The Xcalibur 360EX is built for continuous, around-the-clock milking.

  • Console intégrée

    Les principaux composants de traite sont facilement atteignables par les opérateurs et sont protégés